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DHK292C is a super soft, bulky & fast hydrophilic textile softener concentrate.  It contains revolutionary silicone molecules to deliver voluminous and silky hand feels to textile fabric.  It provides fast & consistent hydrophilicity and high ability of fabric to rapidly absorb & retain liquid water of water absorption to most types of textile fiber or fabric, especially for terry towel, which cannot be obtained with traditional silicone or fatty acid based softeners.   It is very stable in ordinary textile finish process without causing oil-spots on fabric.


--Provides fast & consistent water absorption on various fabric, especially suitable for terry towel;  

--Provides high ability to retain liquid water on fabric, especially for terry towel fabric; ¨

-- Imparts soft, bulky & smooth hand feel; ¨

--Deeply penetrate into fibers and impart softness & bulkiness; ¨

--Excellent affinity with all types of textile;   

--Excellent fiber elasticity and shape recovery; ¨

--Durable softness to laundering; ¨

--Less fabric yellowing;   ¨

--Outstandingly exhaustible to particularly natural fibers; ¨

--Redyeable & over dyeable. ¨

--Readily diluted to any grades without additional emulsifies; ¨

--Very stable & non oil-spots if used in ordinary textile finish process;


Property                                     Value  

Physical Form                       Liquid state  

Appearance                      Clear & yellowish   

Solid (wt%)                             55 ~ 58

Viscosity (25°C)                   <2,000 cst

pH (1% aqueous solution)       4.0-6.0

Flash Point (°C)                          >100

Diluents                                      Water

Ionic                                   Slightly cationic


Although DHK292C is a stable & non defective product, it is strongly advised that additional validation both in laboratory & production facilities be conducted carefully to check suitability of DHK292C for your processes.   

DHK292C  can be readily diluted with water into any grades. No additional emulsifying process is required.  

The Dilution formulation          

DHK292C :  30%           

Water-1:      30%           

Water-2 :     40%

The dilution procedures

1): Charge Water-1 (Initial water, usually amount of initial water is same as DHK292C calculated) into a tank;

2): Add DHK292C once;

3): After addition, start to stir for 10-20 min until the content become homogenous;

4): Then add water-29Rest water) at moderate speed under stirring;  

5): After all additions, continue to stir for 10-15 min;    

6): A clear to translucent micro-emulsion will be obtained.

DHK292C can be used as received or pre-diluted with water before applying.  

Optimum treatments are dependent on the required softness of the fabric and yarn.

1. Pad-dry-cure process 

Dosage : 10~20g/l for light fabric                                      

or 25-50g/l for heavy fabric, typically about 32g/l  terry towel.

pH : 5.0 ~ 7.0

Temp. : Ambient temperature

Dry/Cure : 120 ~ 170 ºC for 1~3 min

2. Exhaustion process   

Dosage :   1.0 ~ 2.0% (o.  w.f.)   on  light fabric &  2.5-5.0% on heavy  fabric like terry towel  

Liquor ratio :   1/10 ~ 1/20

pH :   5.0 ~ 7.0nt  

temperature : Ambient

Time :   10 ~ 30 min  

Spinning & Drying : 100 ~ 170 ºC for 1~3 min

3. Garment washing process    

Dosage:   1.0 -3.0% on the  weight of garment

Temp. :    Ambient temperature

Time:       30 ~ 60 min  

Spinning & Drying:  100 ~ 130 ºC for 3~5 min

Spinning & Drying: 100 ~ 170 ºC for 1~3 min

Striping :

DHK292C can be stripped off fabric. The stripping formulation is as follows:

NaOH  :  5g/l     

LABS(30%) :  2-5%

Add water and NaOH onto fabric tank and then heat to 100 ºC for 60 min. Then rinse fabric with acidic water and water.


To ensure that the product quality is maintained, the container should be tightly sealed when not in use. It should be stored at normal room temperature, preventing prolonged exposure to extreme heat and cold conditions, which may

cause product separation. If the product is separated, stir the contents. If the product is frozen, thaw it at warm condition and stir after thawed. Usually DHK292C has 12 months shelf-life.   


When considering the use of a product in a particular application, review our latest Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)  and ensure that the use intended can be accomplished safely.  


120kg in plastic drum

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