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PP specially for tube

PP specially for tube

Product Details

It is a Copolymer PP with low MFI and high molecular weight.

· It is non-toxic, odorless, light weight and has many properties like good physical and mechanical, chemical stability, ageing resistance, good processability, outstanding heat resistance. It has good bend and impact resistance property and better resistance to stress creep cracking.

The cube has good properties as light weight, corrosion resistance, no scaling, long use life, heat preservation, heat resistance, easy installation, safe linking, recycled materials etc.

It can be mixed with various toner and color master batch. The made out tube color is even, property is stable.

Product type No.:



China Coal-2480


It can be widely used for cold and hot water system of construction, floor heating facility, direct drinkable purified water system, including food and beverage supply; central air conditioning system, chemical tube system to convey or discharge chemical mediator use.



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