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Sweetening Agents
Product Details

Product name: Sodium Cyclamate 

CAS:  139-05-9
Appearence: White crystal Powder

Purity:  98%min

Sodium cyclamate, white needle, flaky crystalline or crystalline powder. Odorless. Sweet, the dilute solution of its sweetness is about 30 times the sucrose. Sweetness of sucrose 40 to 50 times, for the non-nutritional sweetener. 



Massively used in canning, bottling, fruit processing.
Great additives in the food industry (e.g. barbecue food, vinegar manufacturing etc.)


Utilize in the production of pharmaceuticals products (e.g. pills and capsule production), toothpaste, cosmetic and condiment (e.g. ketcup).


Used in various food productions, such as:
Ice-cream, soft drinks, cola, coffee, fruit juices, dairy products, tea, 
rice, pasta, canned food, pastry, bread, preservatives, syrup etc.


For pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing:
Sugar coating, sugar ingot, toothpaste, mouth wash and lip sticks.
Daily usage for family cooking and seasoning.


Suitable use for diabetes, seniors and obese people with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease patients as replacement sugar.

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