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Product Details

High concentrated stiffening Agent DHK295PM is high molecular polymer resin. It is suitable for various fibers, can impact fabric with good stiffening effect.

Characteristics and advantage

Very good stiffening effect

Little effect on whiteness and color tone

Can mix use with water proofing agent, has little influence on water proofing effect.

Basic data

Appearance:  white viscous liquid, can pour out from drum

Ionicity:      nonionic

pH value:    4-5

Solubility:    can disperse in water

Application field

Stiffening finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon and its blends, especially for knitted fabrics, including cotton knitting, polyester knitting, warp knitting, N/C grosgrain fabric etc.

Recommended dosage


High concentrated stiffening agent DHK295PM    20~200g/L

Padding solution-----dry----shaping ( dosage and conditions should consider the type of fabrics)


It is very viscous, suggest to dilute it evenly before adding into work solution.


120kg plastic drum.


Can be stored for 12 months under cool and shady condition

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