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Refined Carrageenan/ Iota Semi-Refined Carrageenan 

CAS No.: 9000-07-1
Appearance: Yellowish to yellow powder
Package: 25 KG/BAG, ,18Mt/20'FCL

Standard conforms to E407a.

Carrageenan types: CaCarrageenan Series

Iota Refined Carrageenan
Iota Semi-refined  Carrageenan
Kappa Refined Carrageenan
Kappa Semi-refined Carrageenan

Application:  Application Of Carrageenan

1. In food industry, carrageenan can be used as gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer, suspending agent and clarifier, and can be used in products such as soft candy, jelly, sausage, canned meat, ice cream, beverage, condiment, milk, bionic food, jam, canned thick soup, beer, bread, pet food and so on.

2.In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as medicine suspending agent and dispersant, and can be used to produce capsule products etc.

3.In daily chemical industry, it can be used in toothpaste, detergent, cosmetics and air freshener

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