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Appearance: white or light yellowish, semi-transparent thin flake or granula

Gelatin are widely used in the production of food. A natural, clean label ingredient, gelatin offers manufacturers in all food segments a unique and unrivalled set of functionalities and advantages. We produce more kinds of gelatin than any other producer in the world. Whatever your application, we have developed the expertise to select the gelatin with the right set of functionalities to serve your purposes.

1.Edible Gelatin, is mainly used for meat, cake, jelly, icecream, fruit juice etc.

2.Pharmaceutical Gelatin, is widely applied in Hard Gelatin Capsules, Soft gel Capsules, Tablets etc 

3. Industrial Gelatin, is widely used in the industrial areas of plank, furniture, match, feed, packaging, paper making, textile, silk, printing, dyeing, printing, ceramics, petroleum, chemical, paint, metallurgy, and the main functions are thickening, stabilizer,flocculant,blender, polish, sizing, adhesive, solid water and so on.

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