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Product Details

DHK271 is the new type organic silicon copolymer. It is the upgrade products for common amino silicone oil. It is no-yellowing and stained, it is easy for repairable color change.

--It applys for softening finish of pure cotton, T/C, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. It is hydrophilic momentary. It imparts the fabric with very soft hand feeling and smooth effect.

--It is also suitable for the towel hydrophilic and soft treatment

--It can be used both in washing plant and also dyeing plant.

Technical Data

Appearance: Light yellow semi-transparent liquid Ionicity: slightly weak cationic

pH value: 5-7

Solubility: easy to dissolve in water


1. It imparts fabric with brilliant fluffy, soft, smooth and resilient hand feeling.

2. Acid and Alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, anionic resistance.

3. Impact fabric very good hydrophilic and antistatic property.

4. If want to re-dye the fabrics, no need to stripping the softener and can re-dye directly.

5. Very slightly cationic, with low-yellowing, no bad effect to the whiteness and color tone of fabrics.

Application method

1. Padding: 20-50g/L (DHK271: Water= 1: 2) Room Temperature Process: one dip and one pad or two dips and two pads

2. Dipping: 2-10% O.W.F Temperature: 30-40 Bath ratio: 1:10-15  Time: 30min

Note: According to the actual fabric type, thickness and your hand feeling requests, you can consider adjusting the specific dilution ratio and application craft,

Package : 120kg / plastic drum

Storage: Can be stored for 12 months under cool and well ventilated condition


Pls use the sample before the experiment.

1. pls do experiment firstly accord to the equipment and fabric type

pls do compatible experiment when you used with other auxiliaries agent

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