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DHK278 Cationic Softener Bead




High-efficiency softener for cotton, rayon, linen, wool knittings and yarn to make them more soften and fluffy.


--Liquid property

--Have soft hand feeling, applicable to all kinds of fibers.

--Not yellowing in the normal drying temperature.

--Suitable for dipping and pad processing also can be used in the rotary or washing machine.

--Have fabric antistatic property, especially for polyacrylonitrile fabric.

--Do not contain APEO.


Chemical Characteristic


Fatty acid amid


Technical Data






Dissolve method:





















Dipping process:





Padding process:









Appearance : Light Yellow Bead

Ionic nature : Cationic




1. Mix acetic acid and water at the temperature 70-80, then slowly pour DHK278 into it and stirring it evenly. Keep it until cool.

2. Mix acetic acid, water and DHK278 at the temperature 20-25, stir it and heat the mixture to 70-80. When it stirs evenly, keep it cool.

3. Mix DHK278 and acetic acid in the water temperature of 70-80. Stir it evenly and keep it cool.





Recommended concentration: 10-20%

For example: to dilute 1ton DHK278 to 15% concentration solution

82.9%       water 829kgs

2.%           Acetic Acid(60% content)  20kgs

15%          DHK278  150kgs

0.1%         Anti-foaming agent 1kgs (according to actual conditions)



1-3%                           20% DHK278 emulsion

PH                               4-6

Time                            20-30 minutes

Temperature                40-60


20-60g/L                      20% DHK278 emulsion

PH                                5-6

Temperature                Common drying temperature






Storage stability: at least 2 years

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