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Thickening Agents
Product Details

CAS No. :  9005-38-3

Apperance:   Light white to yellowish powder .

Viscosity :   Usually 50-1300  

 Mesh : Usually 30-100 mesh

Sodium alginate Sodium Alginate can be referred to as seaweed gel,also known as algin, is a kind of white or light yellow granular or powder,almost odorless and tasteless. It is a kind of high viscosity polymer compound,is a typical hydrophilic sol.It with its stability,thickening and emulsification,hydration and gelation is widely used in food,medicine,printing and dyeing and other industries.


1).Used in printing and dyeing industry.

2).Used in textile industry and cosmetics industry .

3).Used as food additives, thickeners.

4).Used as pharmaceutical raw materials.

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