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DHK180 catalase is a textile enzyme produced by deep submerged fermentation. It is mainly used for bio-purification after oxygen bleaching and can eliminate residual H2O2 in the textile and processing environment before dying. It can effectively improve the quality of staining and shorten the processing time.

Effect of PH

Optimum PH range 6 Effective PH range 6.5 to 7.0


Appearance : Brown liquid. Active: ≥50000IU/ml. PH value: 4.6-7.0


Packaged in 25 plastic drum.

Applications reference Textile industry

1. Completely eliminate residual H2O2, ensure and improve the dying quality.

2. Greatly reduce the process water and control sewage discharge

3. Cut energy consumption and reduce the usage of electricity and steam

4. Shorten producing time, improve production efficiency and output.

5. Environmentally friendly. Application:

Dosage: 0.03~0.1 g/L

pH range: 6.0~8.0 (optimal 6.5~7.0) temperature: 30~50℃

handling time: 10~30min

Shipping and Storage

Keep away from moisture and high temperature. Keep in cool, dry conditions and the container closed if not in use, and in the conditions the effective period is 6months.


The product is formulated for textile processes and can not be used in feed and food industries. During operation, please avoid contact of the product with mucous membrane or skin. Please wash the contacted area excessively if accidentally exposed.

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