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Product name: Cinnamic alcohol 
CAS No.: 104-54-1 
Molecular formula: C9H10O 
Molecular weight: 134.18 
Molar mass: 1.044(g/mL,20/4oC) 
Melting point: 30-33 centigrade 
Boiling point: 250 °C 
Flash point: 126 °C

Refractive index: 1.5819 
Purity: greater-or-equal 99%


The compound is a solid at room temperature, forming colourless crystals that melt upon gentle heating. As is typical of most higher-molecular weight alcohols, it is sparingly soluble in water at room temperature, but highly soluble in most common organic solvents greater-or-equal 99%.


Usage of Cinnamic alcohol(Cinnamyl Alcohol)1. Flavor and fragrance

Cinnamyl alcohol is mainly used in the preparation of aromas such as apricot, peach, raspberry and plum, cosmetic essence and soap essence. It has a mild, long-lasting and comfortable aroma, elegant fragrance and also used as a fixative. It is often used in combination with phenylacetaldehyde. Cinnamyl alcohol is a food spice is mainly used to prepare fruit flavors such as strawberries, lemons, apricots and peaches, and flavors of brandy.

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