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Product Name : Ethyl Maltol 

Other Name :2-Ethyl-3-hydroxy-4-pyrone

CAS NO. :4940-11-8

EINECS NO.:225-582-5

Appearance : White Crystalline powder

Molecular Formula: C7H8O2

Melting point :89-92℃


Ethyl Maltol is an organic compound that is a common flavourant in some confectioneries. It is related to the more common flavorant maltol by replacement of the methyl group by an ethyl group. It is a white solid with a sweet smell that can be described as caramalized sugar and cooked fruit.

Ethyl Maltol is a sweet smelling chemical that is widely used for flavoring in the food, beverage, tobacco, and fragrance industry. Very similar in taste to caramelized sugar or cotton candy.

Ethyl Maltol can sweeten/soften sharp flavors in liquid.

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