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Product Details

DHK 101C is de-oiling agent under alkaline condition with an inorganic salt compounds with surfactant, has excellent property of net washing and degreasing. Suitable for polyester fiber and its blended fabrics pretreatment to remove oil, also can be used for other kinds of fabric to oil, desizing, scouring and general net washing processing.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

◆ Strong detergency, good emulsifying and dispersing properties.

◆ Has unique effect to remove oil stain on the polyester and its blended fabric, and has desizing, scouring and washing effect, can make the treated fabric whitening and brightening and improve the fabric handle.

◆ Also has cleaning effect to oil and condensate in dyeing and printing equipment.




Physical form



White powder

pH value(1% aqueous solution)


Foaming Power (mm)


Decontamination Ratio



DHK 101C is a kind of powdery agent, it needs to be diluted by 50℃ warm water according to the ratio 1:20, can be used after completely dissolved. It is suitable for the overflow dyeing machine, jigger dyeing machine, cheese dyeing machine, continuous washing equipments, sand washing machine and other dyeing and printing processing equipments.

Polyester fabric pretreatment process

Dosage:       1.5-5g/L

pH value:      12-13

Bath ratio:     1:10

Temperature:   120-130℃

Time:         30-40min

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