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Multifunctional Bleaching Agent PRE-DHK197

Multifunctional Bleaching Agent PRE-DHK197

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Multifunctional Bleaching Agent




DHK  Q  197  is  a  multi-function  agent  for  alkaline

bleaching process. It is a all-in-one alkaline donator, stabilizer  and  wetting  agent,  which  is  suitable especially for cotton, linen and their blends.





-   is  suitable  in  process  on  jig,  overflow  dyeing
machine, pad-steaming, and cold-pad batch
-   replaces caustic soda, stabilizer and wetting agent
-   removes fatty more completely and reaches higher

- is more gentle to the fibre than caustic soda

-  is suitable for rapid bleaching at high temperature -    Good leveling properties

-   Good wetting properties



Technical Data


Appearance :   White powder

PH-value : 11 - 12 after dissolving

Ionic: Weakly anionic

nature : Dissolving Easy dissolving in warm water


Shelf life : 1  year  in original  packing, keep dry

and cool.




--Bleaching of cotton or polyester/cotton on overflow dyeing


Hydroperoxide ( 35% ) 5 ml / l

DHK Q 197 2 - 3g / l

Liquor to goods ratio 1   : 10

95 - 100ul0 C ,   30 - 40 min.

Rinse with hot water


--Bleaching of linen on overflow dyeing machine

Hydroperoxide ( 35% ) 10 - 15 ml / l

DHK Q 197   3 - 5 g / l

DHK Q 130   0 - 2 g / l

Liquor to goods ratio   1 : 10-15

95-100C, 40-60min.

Rinse with hot water


--Bleaching of cotton in pad-steam process

Hydroperoxide ( 35% ) 30 -50 ml / l

DHK Q 197  10 -20 g / l

DHK Q 130  3 - 5 g / l

Bath pick-up:  100 -130%

Padding, steaming at 100, 60 min.

Rinse with hot water


--Bleaching of cotton in cold pad-batch process

Hydroperoxide ( 35% )  30 - 50 ml / l

DHK   Q 197  30 - 50 g / l

DHK    Q 130  2 - 3 g / l

Bath pick-up;  100 - 130%

Padding, storing at room temperature for 16 hours Rinse with hot water (95ul0C, 1 -2 min.)

--Boiling-off, bleaching and dyeing in one bath

Direct dyes (hydroperoxide stable dyes)

Hydroperoxide (35%) 5% on fabric weight

DHK Q 197   3% on fabric weight

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